Kicktone Recording Group


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Welcome to the John McMullan / Kicktone Recording Group website.  Little by little, John and friends are creating a catalog of melodic music!


Although it doesn't happen often, sometimes we actually get airplay!  Really!


In fact, back in 2002, we were told that several stations liked our sound, and gave us some spins.

While airplay is nice, and is ALWAYS appreciated, tastes come and go.  Here, we make melodic music whether it is in style or not.  In fact, we don't always know where our songs will end up. Thankfully, over the last twenty-five years, several melodic rock outlets have emerged...
The Yellow Pills series, the International Pop Overthrow series, and other compilations have, combined, released 17 different power pop and melodic rock songs written and co-produced by John McMullan since 1995.  Our masters have been, in each case, licensed for release by bigger labels involved with these releases such as DEL-FI, Big Deal, and Not Lame.  

In addition to Yellow Pills and IPO, our songs have been used in adventurous projects such as the full album remake THE NEW SELL OUT...


...and from Seattle's Optional Art Record Company, the critically acclaimed (and summer-themed) BURNT MARSHMALLOWS & TEENY BIKINIS!


Although it may take effort to find us, there is always a melody lurking right here at Kicktone Records!