SHE'S HI-FI SHE'S HI-FI "She's Hi-Fi" was originally written as "She's Not Nice." Here is a picture of the first draft from the summer of 1979. 200702247 My 16th birthday, August 23, 1979, was the day that "She's Not Nice" became "She's Hi-Fi." My Grandfather gave me his Mercury Montego as a birthday present, and my new Missouri tags were "SHF 650." For some unknown reason, the "SHF" on the license plate made me say to myself, "She's Hi-Fi." 201256604 This is a photo taken at Joe Keene's studio, by Joe's son Kelly, on the day that "She's Hi-Fi" was recorded. 200702250 "She's Hi-Fi" was released as the B-side to "Lucky Day" in the summer of 1981 on K.S.S. Records. 200702246 An outtake from the picture sleeve, also photographed by Kelly Keene. 200702248 A live version of "She's Hi-Fi" was recorded in Columbia, Missouri in October, 1984. After being discovered in my attic in 2005, the tape was mixed by Dawn Hopkins at Sounds Unreel Studios in Memphis, and was released on INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW, VOLUME 8. 200702249 The studio version of "She's Hi-Fi" was released on Numero's YELLOW PILLS PREFILL on CD in 2005, and again in 2012 on the BUTTONS vinyl compilation, also by the Numero Group. 200702253