ALMOST GONE ALMOST GONE The first musician to record anything on "Almost Gone" was a reluctant Ben McMullan, who played synthesizer notes that would ultimately double Don Smith's bass guitar in places throughout the song. This was done at home, as Ben played his part into my vintage sequencer. He finished in one take because he wanted to get back to watching basketball 202379002 This is my '80's technology that allowed Ben to be involved without setting foot in the studio. In my musical world, there has been no progress beyond 1986. I am right there with Dave Stewart when it comes to navigating a Roland MC-500, but I don't even know how to turn on Pro-Tools! 202379009 I channeled my inner Richard Carpenter when it came to scoring the oboe! 202379007 From left to right: Marie McMullan, Abigail McMullan and John McMullan. The three vocalists begin to layer some "ah's." 202379000 After singing some "ah's" with my daughters, I was delicately advised that they sounded better without me. So, for 7 of the 9 multi-layered notes, they handled it just fine on their own! 202379006 Doing 9 notes of "ah's" and then layering 10 overdubs per note, these background vocalists deserved a rest! 202378999 Robert Hall and Don Smith are not only trusted friends of mine, they are superb musicians. When we get together, we always smile and send our best vibes out in memory of Jack Holder. 202379008 Right before I cut my lead vocal, I went to the studio kitchen to grab some water. While I was back there, I glanced at the MUSIC + ARTS "autograph wall" and found an ancient signature of mine, located directly underneath the signature of Colin Hay of Men At Work! 202379001 Shelly Sublett joined us to play the oboe score. She did the first take perfectly, but wanted to change reeds and keep going. The Memphis Symphony is definitely lucky to have such an elite musician within their ranks. Special thanks to Symphony member Beth Luscombe for telling us about Shelly. Here she is, getting ready for that first take, with Dawn making sure the perfect wind tone is achieved. 202379003 Don Smith and Dawn Hopkins both possess incredible ears. What a fantastic production/engineering team! 202379004 Thank you, David Bash, for including "Almost Gone" on the quite impressive INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW, VOLUME 19! This release may very well be the best one yet! 202379005